Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greece "denying entry" to northern neighbors

SKOPJE -- Several Macedonian citizens reported on Wednesday that they were denied entry to Greece because their vehicles had new license plates.
The license plates contain the letters "MK".
The drivers told the media in Skopje that Greek border authorities demanded that they place stickers over the contentious part of the plates.

According to this, the stickers would read that Greece recognizes their country as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and that this content should be written in Greek and English.

Macedonia's border services said that they were yet to receive any complaints, and ventured to guess that the reason might be that "few cars with new license plates traveled across two border crossings toward Greece on Wednesday".

Previously, the Greek authorities objected to the "MKD" initials as well, insisting that they either be removed, or taped over with stickers reading "FYROM".

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is the name under which Skopje was allowed to join the UN.

However, it's constitutional name - the Republic of Macedonia - has caused an almost two decade-long dispute with Greece, whose northern province is also called Macedonia.

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