Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why continue the Albanian provocations?

by Costandine Hollevas

Can our attention be focused mainly on economic and political aspects of internal affairs, but it is good to watch what happens around us in the Balkans. Some neighbors moods show anything but friendly and it is worth asking where you go. The Albanian nationalism must be paid because it shows flares and dangerous anti-Hellenic tendencies. The Greek foreign policy is constantly trying to appease these phenomena by showing tolerance but an insolent neighbors that our attitude is interpreted as weakness and so apothrasynontai more.

Three events recorded by the recent news: The Albanian government ministers entered as two executives Chams organizations with strong anti-Hellenic style. Muslim Chams were active in the Italian-German occupation as collaborators of the occupiers in Thesprotia and sentenced by the Court of Ioannina collaborators with confiscation of their property. Today their descendants live in Albania and claim everything from Greece. Starting from the back of the property and continue to the requirement to grant Epirus in Albania., Tsamouria called Thesprotia, and the propaganda spread all Albanian parties.

Second. In a match between the team of Saranda and that of the Himara, belonging to the Greek ethnic community, were insults, jeering and strongly anti-Greek slogans. The stand was dominated by a large Albanian flag and posters of the Kosovo Liberation Army, known UCK. Reference to these may initially done on purpose to act as a threat. That is, the next step will be the anti-Greek establishment of the UCC, the Liberation Army Tsamouria. Slogans in these early times have affixed to Konitsa and other Greek cities.

The third fact is not the Greek-Albanian relations, but the wider Albanian irredentism. The nationalist organization "red and black" inspired by the colors of the Albanian flag in cooperation with other unions are preparing to organize a demonstration in Tirana seeking to unite with Albania the Albanian population of Skopje and the respective territories. The Albanian irredentism under the National Doctrine adopted in 1997 when the Academy of Sciences claiming lands from Skopje, Montenegro and Serbia, and Greece by claiming the "rights" of the Chams and the recognition of legal immigrants as a minority in our country.

The unacceptable policy of supposedly progressive field of migration and the repealed Law on Nationality Ragoussis open window for promotion of dangerous Albanian projects in our country. There should never be tolerated creating minority issues to the detriment of our domestic tranquility and our territorial integrity. Of course the Albanian workers are not all suspects or offenders, but better to guard our clothes. Do not give the Greek citizenship or voting rights to Albanians living in our country. Enough with the compromises in the name of multiculturalism. All European states abolish the multicultural illusion and protect national security. We will be the only European country that lives given over to the criminal naivete of some aprosgeioton koultouriaridon throwing water to the mill of irredentism of neighboring peoples?
The Americans opened the worms of encouraging the secession of Kosovo Albanians from Serbia. Let's us the next victim. A fist and determination.

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