Tuesday, March 20, 2012

K. Albanian official threatens use of force

PRIŠTINA -- The president of the Kosovo assembly in Priština has said that "Kosovo's institutions should prevent Serbian elections in Kosovo by any means".
Jakup Krasniqi (file)
Jakup Krasniqi (file)
This includes the use of force, Jakup Krasniqi was quoted as saying by the media.
In an interview for the Priština-based RTV 21, Krasniqi said that a resolution the assembly had adopted at its last session obligated the Priština government "to prevent Serbia from holding local and parliamentary elections in Kosovo".

"The resolution obligates the government to prevent any illegal conduct, which violates Kosovo's Constitution and laws," said he.

Asked whether this "includes use of force", Krasniqi responded: "Of course, it includes use of force."

Serbia has scheduled local and parliamentary elections, which will include the territory of Kosovo, for May 6.

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in early 2008 unilaterally declared independence, but Serbia rejects that proclamation.

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