Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tensions of Albanian nationalist against the Greek national parade

Albanian Media publishes video of the parade, urging the Albanian nationalists against Greeks

An artificial irritation that has as protagonist Greek national parade, where a group of Greek special forces sang nationalist songs against Albanians, has brought an increase in the perception of tensions anti Greek in Albania.

Although Greek authorities apologized for the incident, called the Albanian nationalist constantly becoming a serious threat for the Greek factor living in Albania.

The protagonist this time seems to be the adoption by the Albanian Parliament of the cemetery of the fallen Greek soldiers during the Second World War.

Politicians and press in Albania, specify the fallen Greek soldiers have been as "invaders Albanian land", which may bring tension touching Greek patriotic feeling, while tension can increase without end against to the Greek community in Albania.

However, it seems that the Albanian diplomacy and nationalist politics can find common points to bring in a new relationship conflict Albania and Greece, which can be used by the extreme violent segments on both sides.

Meanwhile Albanian media, except the argument of the cemetery says it is disappointed with the treatment that the Greek government makes Albanian emigrants, although few weeks ago the Greek Parliament adopted the law that grants citizenship to Albanian immigrants.

Athens has ratified tow important agreements with Albania to joint NATO, EU. But even the official relations between Athens and Tirana are seen as the "good level", the rights of the Greek Ethnic Community is until unsolved, particularly the issue of the rights property, education and cultural system, the local autonomy and the enlargement of minority zones, continues to be obstacel of the future relations of Greek Albanian relations.

Protest at front of the Greek Embassy urged by NGO

Meanwhile, a series of non-governmental organizations have urged protest in Tirana as a reaction against the "Greek army song" who issued calls during the National Day parade of Greece, in the presence the President Papoulias.

The protest will begin at 11:00 this morning before the Greek embassy in Tirana and "will denounce the racist and xenophobic terms of Greek soldiers". The incident raised and the response of Albanian government, notes the Albanian media.

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