Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dule-Bolanos Meeting with high officials of the U.S. embassy in Tirana

The persecution of the Greek Minority, proprieties and political justice by Berisha, where in focus of debate

Photo: Paol Poletes, Acting Deputy Chief of US Mission Tirana

The whole problem of the political institutions of the Ethnic Greek Minority od "Omonia" and HURP, made known by Evangelos Doules and Vassilios Bolanos to the political secretary of the American Embassy in Tirana, Mr. Paul Politis.

The meeting of the Presidents of Omonia and HURP where part of the upcoming they visit, which is expected to perform in Washington next days.

In the meeting was a discussion, informed the American factor in Albania, the current state of the Ethnic Greek Minority in the level of respect for human and minority rights.

Both Doules and Bolanos, thanked the American Embassy for what they say and take note of the State Department in the annual report of 2009 for Albania, informed the American political secretary for the property wrights and continuous violations made against property of citizens of Greek origin, against Community and church property.

Particular reference was made during the debate on whether legal proceedings against the mayor Himara Mr. B. Bolanos, from the Atorney of Vlora District, the politic Trial of the Greeks in Himara, ecct. While in the attitude of the government Berisha highlighted the persecution suffered by the EU minority government from unwarranted dismissals of people and officials after the elections last June.

Finally Mst. Doules and Bolanos said the link to an absence of policy pursued by the Government with regard the cultural and historical values of our community and the general difficulties of access in the media.

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