Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Albanian Parliament ratified the agreement on military Cemeteries

The Albanian Parliament decided to give the right of the Greek state to build in Albania for two cemeteries, the Greeks perished during the Second World War.

This is the ratification of the agreement between the two governments for research, exhumation, identification and burial of the fallen Greek soldiers in Albania during the Second World War.

Under this agreement there will be two cemeteries in Gjirokastra and Klisoura. The agreement provides that there will be experts in forensic examination of the bones. There will be a joint committee with equal number of members from both countries.

Part of the military will be even historians, who will jointly examine the resolution and detail the issues and need to know the historical facts. The skeletons will be photographed and all data will be stored in number and will be available to both sides.The ceremonies in memory of the fallen will be held by representatives of the Greek Republic and the Republic of Albania every year on 28 October.

Against this agreement where tow parliament member, represent of Cham Community,while the opposition socialist party, had abandoned the session parliamentary.

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