Sunday, March 21, 2010

FYROM Press: Absence of Boris Tadic and Herman Van Rompuy casts gloom on conference in Slovenia

The summit in Brdo near Kranj, which was to show that the Balkan nations would finally overcome their conflicts, has confirmed the opposite, Skopian Utrinski Vesnik daily writes, summing up the assessment of most news agencies after the Balkan conference in Slovenia.

The newspaper focuses on the absence of Serbian President Boris Tadic and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, which, the daily writes, diminished the importance of the forum, the first informal EU summit on the Western Balkans.

The newspaper tells about the main moments in the conference, such as the statement of the European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule and major issues on the agenda.
Regarding the FYROM participation in the conference, Utrinski Vesnik notes Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski does not rule out the possibility for FYROM to hold a similar forum in the future.

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