Sunday, December 16, 2018

Two Personalities from Himara, Northern Epirus, George Tenet and Pyrros Dimas, honored with USA medals


While only the "Medal of Freedom" was not enough for George Tenet, former CIA Director, given by Former President George J. Bush in 2004, but today The Boss, of the American Intelligence Agencies, is also decorated by another University in USA, from "Washington Institute".

George Tenet Address The Washington Institute

Meanwhile, George Tenet, was followed by another personality from Himara, by Pyrros Dimas, the Olympic Champions three times, in weightlifting, a former member of the Greek Parliament and now the Technical Director at the US Federation of Weightlifting.

Pyrros Dimas Honored by UNESCO

Himara Community of Albania honored in 2012 with titles for George Tenet, Ambassador of The Himara Community in World, and for Pyrros Dimas "Lion of Himara", both tow great men, honored by American Universities and UNESCO ...

This occasion also faces an alarming situation in Himara Region and throughout the Northern Epirus Territory of Southern Albania, in which Albanian authorities are making ethnic cleansing by decisions favoring the oligarchs and the Albanian mafia over the looted lands of ethnic Greeks of Himara and Northern Epirus.

We, People of Himara, are proud to have such big personalities in the world. This message, understood by all, Himara and all its territory, can not be overcome, because that territory, has a glorius history.

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