Sunday, May 7, 2017

Strong statement by Greek Defense Minister Kammenos: With Albania, in the current situation, we need to solve Northern Epirus

The Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, during an interview for Greek TV, has spoken of the tensions between Greece and Turkey, but also for the Balkans. He said that Albania is interested itself having good relations with Greece ...

He has talked, among other things, about the issues that concern Greece with Albania. Speaking to Greek TV about the relationship with Albania, Kammenos said that "with the current situation in Albania, with a nationalist expansion affecting countries such as Serbia and FYROM, Tirana tends to transform the Balkans into an flame situation, To change the Balkan borders and to create Greater Albania.

But without Greece's help, Albania can not do anything at all stages, so Greece, in the current situation with Albania, should resolve the issue of Northern Epirus And if Albania were to support "terrorist groups or paramilitares," we would vigorously intervene in any case ....." Kammenos said.

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