Monday, February 6, 2017

Skopje: The Russian embassy against political interference in FYROM

The Russian embassy in Skopje, during a press release, considers unproductive speculation, of some politicians, seeking the causes of the political crisis in the rivalry of the great powers.

"We believe that the difficult internal political crisis occurred in FYROM, can only be resolved within the existing constitutional terms, the generally recognized rules of a democratic society,  says the Russian embassy commenting on the current political situation in the south Slavic state of Skopje.

"All attempts to intervene in this process from the outside, to impose solutions against the will of the people, it is very dangerous and should be condemned by the world community".

The principles of equality of sovereign states and  non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries have universal character and their circumvention is a violation of international law, "says the embassy and stressed that the Russian Federation continues to support the security and stability of that country Balkan as an independent, sovereign and territoriality integral state.

The text of the " Plus Info ", apparently referring to reports of US intervention in the internal affairs of the country, but also in the continuing reports of Albanian Prime Minister for the Albanian element in FYROM.

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