Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SOS: This is the red line Against the Hellenism of Himara

The Orthodox priest of Drymades, father Efthimios, calling SOS: This is the red line in Himara Region

In the Ordodox Church of Drymades in Himara Region, the father Efthimios, calls all himariotes in the World, to be united, because, the albanians musulmans, are occupying properties with the help of state authorities and the police, and are demanding dominate the population of ethnic Greeks in Himara Region.

"They want to destroy us and leave our lands thousands of years, the land of our forefathers, want to eradicate our culture"....

"We will resist, we have courage, and history  and we can not allow, that foreigners, Albanians, , to" make law "on our lands and properties," said indignant, Father Efthimios.

The statement was made during a religious ceremony, given to the population in the Orthodox Church "Agia Haralambos" in Drymades of Himara.

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