Saturday, February 27, 2016

The survey of SManalysis: Himariotes are skeptical for a dignity solution from USA.

The Law 7501 for property, as in Burundi, would not accept, and not for Albanian NATO Membership and an UE Candidate Country

"SManalysis" Survey results for Conference Himarioton in Maryland USA, 19-21 February.

Dozens of messages associated voting for cardinal issues that is facing the Himara Region, especially the attitude of the properties, shows a deeply disappointing results.

Some questions related to territorial division, which is done in the most unscrupulous by the Parliament and the government of Albania. As is known, the joined arbitrarily of the Region of Himara voting in the Parliament of Albania in July 2014, with another area, without the desire of its inhabitants, is the violation of the Albanian Constitution, the article 108.

Interesting questions were in relation of the Human Rights and freedoms. How is it possible the question, that Albania's NATO members, so openly violates a series of issues that have to do with the chapter of freedom and human rights, ranging from property, territorial division and ethnic identity?

But questions coming from Himariotes citizens in Albania, had to do with the attitude of Washington, in connection with matters of Himara Region. What prevents USA, bind to the Albanian Government to implement the country's constitution and international obligations for freedoms and human rights, to The Himara Community, they were looted properties and are thus favor the nationalist policies in the country, to assimilate history, culture and heritage of Himara?

Another question has to do with the oligarchs, who are staying on the government and parliament of Albania. Fascist methods that are legal and the government undertakes, to build tourist resorts on the property of the people of Himara, which are supported by the Soros policy in USA, why not apply Albanian Constitution, article 181 and 41 of the properties?

Many questions were directed around the Protocol of Corfu, an international obligation that Albania does not apply, many citizens are skeptical about "double standards", the other for Albanians to demand the rights in the Balkans withful support of USA, and another for the Greeks of Albania, particularly for people of Himara, still not known the old Greek origin, which the CENSUS, 2011 also has given results, with false methods, and not transparent.

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