Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Serbia: "All security services in state of full preparedness"

The Bureau for the Coordination of Security Services, chaired by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, met on Wednesday afternoon in Belgrade.


All security services are in a state of preparedness due to the migrant crisis, it was said after the meeting.

Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic confirmed this for B92, and said the conclusion from the meeting today was to propose to President Tomislav Nikolic the holding of a meeting of the Council for National Security.

Selakovic said the state of full preparedness relates to all security services, intelligence services, the Serbian Army and the police, "that are tasked with protecting Serbia's borders."

He added that "an increasing number of economic migrants are appearing" and that Serbia "will continue with its humane approach toward all refugees and migrants."

As for speculation that the country might raise walls and fences on its borders, Selakovic said, "Serbia will not do that."

The meeting today, called by Vucic, was attended by representatives of ministries of interior and foreign affairs and of the army.

Meanwhile in Vienna, Austria, 18 ministers from the Western Balkans gathered at the initiative of Austria's ministers of interior and foreign affairs.

Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, who was in attendance, said that the migrant crisis will last a long time, while "the current solutions are not long-term."

It was also said during the meeting that Balkan route countries, "Serbia in particular," cannot be a hostage to the missing common European solution.

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