Sunday, February 21, 2016

President signs agreement with NATO into law

(Tanjug, file)
President Tomislav Nikolic has signed a law confirming an agreement reached between Serbia and NATO, the president's cabinet has confirmed for B92.


The National Assembly on February 12 ratified the agreement that grants freedom of movement and immunity to all members of NATO, which caused strong reactions among the public.

Earlier in the day, Belgrade-based daily Danas reported that Nikolic would sign the law.

"The president sees nothing new or controversial in that law that would stand out compared to everything that came before related to cooperation between Serbia and NATO, which conditioned this legal act," the paper writes on Friday, citing top state leadership sources.

It added that Nikolic "shares his position on this issue with PM Aleksandar Vucic."

The daily also said that "the plan and program of the president's official visit to Moscow on March 9 has not yet been made," and that he "should meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the visit," while "one of the topics of the meeting will certainly be Serbia's cooperation with NATO."

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