Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Opposite in Albania accuses PM Edi Rama for selling Pashaliman Marine Millitary Base?!

Edi Rama beginning and concluding by a friendly visit to the US for the six time, without met US officials

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Prime Minister Edi Rama and the businessman Selim Russi, follow NBA game in Miami

Rama was photographed in Miami in the presence of Albanian businessmen and American investors Selim Russi, along with his wife Linda and he was photographed in the final match of the NBA in the US.

The press office of the government hastened to clarify that the visit was quite private and Rama went as a guest of some of his friends. Friends, who actually are not unknown. Selim Russi is one of the persons who  stressed businessman and investor in the US, active in Albanian - American community.

But this lack of specification of some questions and casts serious doubt for the visit of Rama. That in fact give more voice to the words of the political circles and media.

Selim Russi or as known shortly Sul Russi from Kosovo origin, could be one of the persons concerned to receive in use Pashaliman Millitari Base under concession basis, said resources citynews .

This military base which was once the pride of Albania, with a government decision of Edi Rama, has returned to a state-run company called "Yard construction and repair of vessels" under the Ministry of Defence.

According to the government's decision of May 2015, the site has its headquarters (HQ) in Pashaliman, Vlora, and scope of activity of shipyard is building and repairing vessels and military equipment of the Armed Forces, the vessels civil, such as ships, boats, small sailing motorboat, boat etc., as well as the performance of works and services for third parties in accordance with the technical capabilities of the enterprise. Also, the new company has defined a project territory, as well as the inventory of buildings. Regarding the ownership of buildings and surrounding land has become an evaluation report by auditors and evaluation of real estate.

The same sources pointed out that Selim Russi could be one of the people to take Pashaliman Millitary Base in concession. Sources notes field where Russi can act, but not the land. Currently in this company after training and preparations made by foreign experts and the Albanian government, it can be repaired and reconstructed ship, wich means floating. Its capabilities can be a "stream" of revenue for the government, noted City News..

Prime Minister Rama was in Miami, just when Selim Rusi one of the people that could take Pashaliman Base. The presence of Rama in public with Russia may be a maneuver head of government to avoid the Albanian-American businessman, to bring this Base and undertake the hands that may be safe and reliable for Rama. / Citynews

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