Saturday, January 9, 2016

Haradinaj proud to be pro-U.S., rejects deal on ZSO

Ramush Haradinaj says he is "proud to be representing pro-American positions" but that he "cannot accept the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO).
Source: Tanjug
(Beta/AP, file)
(Beta/AP, file)
Belgrade and Pristina reached agreement to set up this community during the EU-sponsored negotiations held in Brussels.
According to Albanian language newspaper Zeri, published in Pristina, the leader of the opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo said that "Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo have special relations with the United States," and that "one should be sincere with America."

"A friend should hear one's complaints, it's only human to ask a friend for something. We need help to annul the agreements signed by the worst (people) in Kosovo, the prime minister and his deputy," Haradinaj stated, adding that the ZSO "is not wanted in Kosovo."

As he said, "there is no reason not to tell Americans that nobody wants Serbia in Kosovo."

Haradinaj expects a large turnout for an opposition protest planned for January 9, because residents of Kosovo "recognized the amount of damage brought on by the Brussels agreements."

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