Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The New Year starts with serious crimes in Albania, they prompt a political debate

January 4, 2016
The early hours of the New Year 2016 started with a number of killings and fatal accidents in Albania, including robberies of unprotected people inside of their homes.
These events have turned into an object of political debate. Opposition accuses the government of being unable to maintain order and protect the life of the citizens. Ministry of Interior says that the opposition is slandering.
Killings and violent robberies
The first day of 2016 started with a domestic crime. In Saranda, the husband killed his wife in front of their 22 year old daughter and then killed himself. This scene shocked the daughter who ended up in hospital in a true state of depression.
The 20 year old brother ended up in the same situation when he learned about the scary event.
The murdered woman had taken out a restraint order from the court against her husband as a result of the violence that he exerted on her. But this didn’t prevent the husband to take her life in front of the children.
A few hours later in Shkoder, a man executes two brothers, one of who had just returned from abroad. Police tried to arrest him, but to no avail. While special forces are looking for the armed man, in Tirana, a member of these forces saw his house take fire in what is believed to be intentional arson.
At the same time, in Lezha, a former road police officer was gunned down. Police said that they have not arrested the perpetrators of this crime.
Two days into the New Year, in the center of the city of Elbasan, an elderly couple who had been working in their bakery for many years, were slaughtered in their home by two robbers who stole one thousand euros from them.
In Kavaja, a 31 year old man lost his life, after being gunned down in circumstances which are not yet clear. Meanwhile, in Korca, a young woman was kidnapped and was held under captivity several days. The captor aimed at having his son released from prison in exchange of her freedom. According to him, this could be done if the girl withdraw her charges for his son.
In the meantime, in the early hours of the New Year, seven people lost their life and several others remained wounded in several road accidents.

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