Sunday, May 10, 2015

Turkish yacht was carrying drugs from Albania to Corfu

Systemic was the travels of drugs by Turks on the coast of Albania, from where tens of kilos of hashish loaded and transported to Greece via Corfu

They were arrested after wide police operation, on Friday morning in Corfu, two members coil handling large quantities of drugs in our country.

Police attempted evolved on the coast of northeastern Corfu, where yacht diagnosed with Turkey flag carrying large quantities of drugs in Corfu and resulted in the arrest of the commander of the yacht, a Turkish 55 old and 48 old, the owner of the yacht.

The investigations developed, identified and penned by police, the two Turkish smugglers, The who found had previously transferred to the yacht from the coast of Albania, a total of 48 packages of cannabis weighing 47 kilograms and 400 grams and then they had conceal a rugged coastal area of ​​northeastern Corfu (wider area Kassiopi beach called Kogevina).

From the evidence so far of research, the way they acted and the quantity of drugs seized came from the two arrested vocational training methodology for handling large quantities of drugs, in order to yield laundering as it is estimated that this amount will grossed the amount of approximately EUR 45,000.

Against two Turks formed character file felony drug trafficking and other offenses. Preliminary investigation of the case carried out by the Department of Narcotics Corfu and participated in surveys and staff of the Port Authority of Corfu. The two arrested were taken to the Prosecutor Corfu.

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