Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Analysts: Violence could spill over to Kosovo

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- The violence in Macedonia could spill over to Kosovo - especially as individuals from Kosovo are involved in the clashes there.
This fear has been voiced by Serb and ethnic Albanian analysts in Kosovo and Metohija.
Analyst Zivojin Rakocevic told Tanjug Monday that Kosovo "has essentially been destabilized, with chaos just spilling over into the surrounding systems which, basically, only formally exist for ethnic Albanians."

"Most ethnic Albanians in Macedonia do not recognize Macedonia, most ethnic Albanians in the south of central Serbia do not recognize Serbia, and most ethnic Albanians in Montenegro do not see the Montenegrin system as a part of their system," he said.

It is no surprise that ethnic Albanians from Kosovo are involved in the clashes in Macedonia because practically no borders exist for them, Rakocevic said.

Analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu told Tanjug that, after Macedonia, Kosovo could be the next to be destabilized, which is not in the interest of the citizens.

"Things that are going on at your neighbor's are something you can also expect to see in your own house, especially because some of the protagonists of the events there are from Kosovo," Spahiu warned, noting that the situation in Kosovo is "very fragile."

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