Thursday, February 27, 2014

USA VS Russia in Mediterranean Sea : The USS George Bush aircraft opposite the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft

Strengthen the forces the U.S. in the Mediterranean, one of the newer and more capable aircraft to the USS George HW Bush (CVN 77) is from 24 February in the zone of responsibility of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, along with the task force that accompanies it.

More specifically, the U.S. aircraft carrier had left on February 15 from Naval Station Norfolk, in Virginia along with USS Truxtun (DDG 103). Heading Arleigh Burke. The force was supplemented by on board vessels USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) and USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) Ticonderoga class which had sailed from their base in Mayport, Florida, to thereby form the task force CSG 62 (Carrier Strike Group).

The CSG 62 will support the 6th and 5th Fleet conducting maritime patrols and missions in the theater of the Mediterranean and the Gulf as well as support for the operation 'Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan .

Either way towards him stands the Russian aircraft carrier " Kuznetsov " 61,500 sq. with 45 Su-33 fighters and helicopters which has sailed to Cyprus and refilled under the agreement have signed Russia and Cyprus.

Certainly the area of regions of Eurasia boils and developments are momentous in the coming months ...

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