Monday, February 24, 2014

Adriatic Card, regional conference gathered

Adriatic Card, regional conference gathered
The regional conference for inter-parliamentary cooperation under the Adriatic Card was held in Tirana, with the presence of delegations from Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Parliament Speaker, Ilir Meta, declared that the Adriatic Card is important for the security in our region and that the European Union will not be complete without the integration of Western Balkans.

“Albania supports the aspirations of all regional countries to integrate in the European Union. The Adriatic Card is a commitment for a cooperative policy between us”, Meta declared.

The Albanian Parliament Speaker declared that the Adriatic Card should be enlarged with the memberships of Kosovo and Serbia.

“Regional cooperation must produce concrete achievements”, Meta declared, underlining that the Albanian Parliament supports the Adriatic Card agenda.

Defense Minister, Mimi Kodheli, declared that it is of utmost important for all countries of the region to feel safe.

“Different from many years ago, our region is safer today. Parliaments are playing a significant role in the cooperation between countries. Albania is paying special attention to the regional cooperation in the defense sector”, Kodheli declared.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, declared that the Adriatic Card has an important role in the reinforcement of peace.

“The countries of our region are involved in the European Integration processes. Albania has undertaken a series for reforms for the candidate status”, Bushati declared.

According to him, Albania, as a NATO member, has given a significant contribution in the region.

“We support the negotiations for normalizing the relations between Kosovo and Serbia”, Bushati declared.

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