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Russian vessel "Peter the Great" in Limassol, turkey SCARED

December 28 2013 
CYPRUS EEZ  (Login Fantaros)

The super-cruiser "Peter the Great" is in Cyprus- The Turks got scared and gathered "Barbaros"

The nuclear-powered cruiser "Peter the Great» (Pyotr Veliky), the strongest Russian ship anchored in the port of Limassol and is preparing to sail the Aegean with other ships were making to joint exercises with the Greek Navy. This is a clear message of support to Cyprus and Greece from Moscow sounds on the other side, Turkey.

This is shown by the fact that it is the first time the mightiest ship all uniforms Russia and the heavier equipped arrives in Cyprus port. " This is the first visit of the "Pyotr Veliky" at the port of Limassol in the history of international cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Cyprus , "said the spokesman of the Western Military Region Vadim Sergei.

The cruiser will visit the Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Stanislav Osantski, possibly a senior member of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic.

Russian clear message to the Cyprus and to Turkey. Already the wake of "Peter the Great" by the arrival in port of Limassol displaced Turkish research vessel «Barbaros» and its accompanying ships and sent by the Cyprus EEZ did he walks in Turkish waters.

For «Barbaros» Turkey issued NAVTEX, stating how you doing surveys west of Cyprus, within the Cypriot EEZ and direction Kastelorizo. presence in the "Peter the Great" and only gathered in Turkish waters.

After refueling with food and the rest of the crew of the Russian commandos and marines flying to Cyprus 'Peter the Great' will hold joint exercises with ships of Greek Fleet in the region between the Cyprus EEZ and Kastelorizo.

According to information will be coordinated antisubmarine exercises with one - at least - Russian submarine will also sail in the region.

This is a vertical upgrade of Russian naval presence in the Aegean, the time and the expected arrival of the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" which interrupted the modernization program to come to the Northern Ocean in the Mediterranean, a decision taken at the height of the Syrian crisis.

The 'Peter the Great' is heading Kirov, which is the largest class of vessels serving the Russian Navy today. vessel length stands at 252 meters, width of 28.5 meters and draft of 9.1 meters and the complete displacement is 28,000 tons.

The propulsion of the vessel is a combination of reactors and steam turbines CONAS and consists of two nuclear reactors KN-3 and two steam turbines GT3A-688 to give a maximum speed of 32 knots.

As for the weapons? Neither debate.

Has 20 missiles against surface targets P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck), 14 missiles SS-N-14 for anti-submarine missions, 96 (boat Pyotr Velikhy 48) anti-aircraft missiles S-300F (SA-N-6 Grumble recommended), 128 missiles 9K95 Tor (SA-N-9 Gauntlet) point defense, and missiles 44 OSA-MA (SA-N-4 Gecko for shorter distances. There is even a double cannon AK-130 eat 130 mm. and up to 6 AK-630 exakana 30 mm. 6 and end systems antipyraflikla 6 × CADS-N-1 Kashtan.

The crew stands at 710 people.

The agreement provides Avramopoulos Soigkou-how soon the Russian ships will be docked at Greek ports to provide support services, refueling etc. This agreement has already caused "consternation" in Turkey.
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