Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kosovo Albania power interconnection

Kosovo Albania power interconnection
Kosovo and Albania signed an agreement for building the “power highway”. The agreement for the construction of the 400 KV interconnection line between the two countries will offer the establishing of stable capacities. It will make possible for the two operators to work together as a distributing system, and offer mutual benefits for the consumers of both countries.

This agreement was realized between the TSO of Kosovo (Transmission System Operator) and the TSO of Albania.

This event, besides the emotional connection, aims to develop the economic space of Albania, as underlined by the Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo, Fadil Ismaili and his homologue Damian Gjiknuri. The Agreement was considered historic and signed in the house of the Albanian League in Prizren.

“By continuing the historic events of Prizren, today we are creating a new one, which has the proportions of the first one. We are signing the agreement for building the energy highway of Kosovo and Albania”, Ismajli declared.

“Energy is the guarantee of our future. We are cooperating for developing our markets”, Gjiknuri added.

The integration in the regional energy market is indispensable. Today we have been witnesses of the signing of this agreement for the construction of this line between Kosovo and Albania. This will put Kosovo closer to Albania and Europe, and will support the integration of both countries in the European power market”, declared Peter Blomyer, Ambassador of Germany.

The 40 million EUR project has been supported by the German Federal government. The agreement will be implemented by the Croatian Dole Kevod in Kosovo, and by the Slovenian EnergyInvest in Albania.

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