Sunday, December 8, 2013

Albania, member of EUROPOL

Albania, member of EUROPOL
The two-day meeting of the Council of Europe, which started yesterday and will authorize the agreement for including Albania in the EUROPOL, started with a visit of our Interior Minister with all homologues of the member countries.

Tahiri informed the European Union homologues about the achievements of the Albanian police in these two months. Mentioning the structural reforms of the Interior Ministry and the Police, the Minister says that the goal of the Albanian government is to find stable results in the fight against crime and corruption.

For two months, the results with seized narcotics have increased with 53.5%, compared to one year ago. There is also an increase of the number of reported crimes with 473.6%, including the corruption cases.

Tahiri also mentioned the results of police oeprations against illegal gambling shops. On the same period, the Director of economic and financial crime identified a total of 123 violations that are related with corruption, and which include 176 offenders.

This evidence is enough to show the commitment of the Albanian government for addressing the legal requests, Tahiri concludes.

”I am hopeful that you will be reassured by these facts for a new approach of the law enforcing in Albania”, he writes.

Tahiri values that the operational and strategic cooperation agreement with EUROPOL is a giant step in Albania’s European Union path.

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