Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Albania, "Lower taxes for 97% of tax payers"

Lower taxes for 97% of tax payers
The Albanian Prime Minister declared on his official Facebook account that the new fiscal package introduced at the National Economic Council reduces taxes for 97% of the taxpayers.

“At the National Economic Council for the budget and the first fiscal package. Lower taxes for 97% of the taxpayers. Small business tax will be removed. The 25% profit tax for small business is lower, while for companies goes from 10% to 15%”, Rama writes.

The Prime Minister says that besides the tax changes, the package foresees: “We are paying debts that state owes to companies for building roads and services. We will fully reimburse any bill for agricultural products. A plan for reducing informality and growing revenues. Fight against corruption in tax offices and customs. The economy revival and the recovery of our ruined finances is starting.”

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