Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shpetim Idrizi: We have to get the Trojan horse of the Albanian parliament

Adem Demaçi stated that "There is not Albania without Kosovo and Çameria"

April 11, 2013,

President of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity Shpetim Idrizi, during a protest organized today before parliament declared that parliament is already surrounded by the pressure of Albania.

"We have to draw the Trojan horse by the Albanian parliament and fill with members of Cham, from Kosovo of all territories where Albanians live," said Idris as he added, are the nation of Skanderbeg, Mother Teresa, Adem Jashari, freedom and democracy .

"It's time and the cause of which is based on the fundamental freedoms which seeks to remove the silence for the Cham issue and move to better neighborhood. We have offered to remove the law of war. They are afraid to say a really big that there is a war law ",  he underlined.

Dashamir  Tahiri MP, said that this majority has given its vote this resolution to the Cham issue in 2004 when the opposition today then ruling abstained.

Meanwhile, the activities of the national question Adem Demaçi stated that "There is not Albania without Kosovo and Çameria. There will be no Europe without chopped Albania. We will always have with you as you were. You do not have to give up your rights, you return to your lands. Become Cham people and not the people in exile, " he appealed.

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