Thursday, April 11, 2013

Epirotes Of Europe Meet In Germany

By Margarita Papantoniou .

The fourth meeting of Epirotes of Europe will take place in the German city Gemeinde Ketsch am Rhein, situated on the right bank of the river Rhine, on May 25 and 26. It is organized by the Panepirotic Federation of Europe in cooperation with the Society of Epirotes in Ludwigshafen and Epirotic Societies throughout Europe will participate in it.

This fourth meeting is devoted to the 100 years commemoration of the Liberation of Ioannina. The established Economic Forum will be realized, accompanied with lectures and conversations concerning the development of Epirus and the probability to promote its products abroad. Producers and craftsmen from Epirus will be given the opportunity to present local products to the German and European markets.

In the event’s program, live music is included with the participation of Greek folk singers Petro-Loucas Halkias and Antonis Kyritsis. Greek folk dances will be presented by the Epirotic Societies of Europe.

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