Sunday, September 4, 2011

Filettino declares independence from Italy in protest at Silvio Berlusconi's cuts

The small Italian town of Filettino has declared itself independent in protest at planned spending cuts by Silvio Berlusconi's government.

As part of the austerity measures, Filettino was ordered to merge with neighbouring Trevi in a bid to cut administration costs.

Silvio Berlusconi's plans have angered Filettino's residents (PA) Silvio Berlusconi's plans have angered Filettino's residents (PA)

Mayor Luca Sellari was unimpressed by the idea and set about transforming the 550-resident town into an independent state.

Local people have reacted enthusiastically to his plan for Filettino to become a principality, with him as the monarch.

'If that's what it takes to keep the town autonomous and protect its natural resources,' he told the New York Times. 'It's everyone's dream to be a prince.'

Mr Sellari - or perhaps that should be Prince Luca - has begun printing his own currency, the Fiorito, complete with notes featuring an image of himself.

Shops in Filettino now accept them as legal tender and the tourists who have flocked to the town since the independence plan was announced have been buying them as souvenirs.

The move reflects the widespread unease among councils about Mr Berlusconi's plans to reorganise local government as part of his response to the eurozone crisis.

And Mr Sellari believes there is no reason why independence should not work for Filettino, as San Marino manages to survive.

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Himara`s Case

Is Himara paying extra taxes for Albania?

A citizen
of Himara, sends letter to Albanian Ombudsman: The Municipality of Himara applies taxes, as in Benelux countries.

The Himara Municipality has taken taxes from its citizens forcefully, four times more than needs, for Albanian State

NGO-s of Himara is seeing very critic the taxes situation of Himara Municipality, after property issue.

The Himara `s resident, Milton Polo, from Kiparo village, has asked the Albanian Ombudsman, to review the taxes that, the Himara Municipality under the Albanian State, has applied to their citizens. Milto Polo, a resident, complains that it is in economic assistance and is unable to pay four times the taxes that it is a municipality, as classified for Himara the third category Municipality, in Albania.

The complaint has come to the Himara Municipality and the Mayor George Goros, who has promised to call urgently the Municipality Council, for the tax reduction.

In fact, all campaigning for the Himara Municipality, has been characterized by a "hot war" between the candidates, in which, the winner should lower taxes for the local population, which is the only Region in Albania, that paying taxes regularly more 100%.

The new Himara `s Mayor, George Goros, has promised tax cuts to businesses and construction permits, which are four times higher in Albania, while has accused former Mayor Vasillios Bollano as "dictator to their citizens" separately, applying taxes, bigger than himself, to Benelux's countries.

During electoral campaign, former Mayor Bollanos declared that to the Albanian media, "We have applied four times taxes more than was planed by the Albanian parliament".

According to new law, the Albanian state takes about 80% of taxes by Municipalities and local administrative.

In addition the NGO-s of Himara Region, are seeing very concerning after the property issue, the taxes that the Municipality of Himara, applies for their citizens, considering the taxes to go extra for the Albanian budget, not for their residents.

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