Saturday, September 10, 2011

Albanian Judge Killed in a “Mafia Style Attack”

A 33-year-old judge died in city of Vlora in southern Albania this morning in what has been described as a car bomb.
Besar Likmeta
The city of Vlora | Photo by: Besar Likmeta
Judge Skerdilaid Konomi was killed when a blast hit his car as he drove to work at the Vlora District Court, according to local media.
In a statement issued today, Albania’s President Bamir Topi condemned Konomi’s murder as an attack against the justice system as a whole.
“This brutal mafia style attack, which took the life of the judge, is an attack against the justice system, the rule of law and democracy in Albania,” Topi said in a statement. 
“An attack against a judge is a serious threat to Albania’s state institutions,” Topi added.
While expressing his condolences for the Konomi’s family, the president called on prosecutors and police to leave not stone unturned to shed light on the murder and bring the culprits to justice.