Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Red Alliance: "The national issues in Albania do not haggle with Greece"

The Albanian nationalist organization Red Black / (Kuq e Zi) had a meeting with reporters today, coming from Albania and Kosovo, with topic "The Albanian question and EU standards."
The deputy chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council , sipahi Kresnik, said the country's national question can not be part of trade negotiations and compromises.

Referring to a telegram published by Wikileaks, the sipahi said photographs clearly Athens who blackmails Albania for membership in a time integration can be done formally by Brussels and by the 12-point conditions, Brussels to be fulfilled by Albania.

"Today, many Albanians have different political beliefs, there are groups with different religious beliefs, but in this case there is a common theme, a national issue, which is not available for opportunistic statements or Athens or Belgrade and not part of conciliation."The telegram of the American embassy clearly brings the guise of Athens, to persuade the Albanians to sign the Agreement of the waters.
We do not want to Athens, as a lawyer in Brussels and we do not need lawyers, but we can not compromise with Athens in this national issue, "said sipahi.

Kresnik sipahi - who tries to present a political expression, to be elected to the Albanian Parliament, according to Sali Berisha, at this conference highlighted the position of the Albanian census noting that nobody knows how many Albanians are in Albania, and how many is abroad.

"Today is a requirement but never made ​​clear what will be recorded and what will not be recorded. Greece in billion debt, continues to pay pensions to people who are non-existent for the state. There is a situation with Greece has signed loans from all over Europe and even those who live in Albania "

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