Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another scandal in Albania, Wikileaks ....

U.S.Cable : The Chief of Staff of the Albanian Army, is corrupted

A cablegram shocking that former U.S. Ambassador John Withers has sent to the State Department in November of 2008, connecting the current chief of staff, Colonel Jamal Gjunkshi with a proper scheme of corruption in the Albanian army.

The cablegram tells that the Colonel Gjunkshi, then commander of the Commando Regimen,t was accused by a group of Albanian army officers to take money to appoint military in peacekeeping missions overseas, primarily Iraq.

The American Embassy cablegram says that paying a bribe to the military to go to Iraq is 7 thousand dollars, nearly half the compensation they would receive for a period of 6 months stay there.

The group of officers, who accused Colonel Gjunkshi, through a confidential letter notified about this affair highest leaders of the government.

On paper, the current Chief of Staff accused of bribery not only in determining the commandos who go on missions overseas, but also involved in other corrupt schemes.

As officers of cablegram detects and have even threatened to send the letter also to the prestigious New York Times newspaper, which at that time had become rather less well known in Albania because of investigations into corruption in the event the depot.

The US embassy says that the practice of bribery in peacekeeping missions is not new for the Albanian army and its consequences are that commando missions abroad are also sent untrained people.

Unite States have been very concerned by this scheme of bribes in the army and extensive self Widhers ambassador wrote in documents that will launch Washington raised this concern to senior executives in government.

Former Commando Regiment commander, Colonel Jamal Gjunkshi few weeks ago was put in charge of General Chief Staff of the Albanian Army.

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