Sunday, May 26, 2019

Exit Poll: Opposition New Democracy Wins EU Elections in Greece

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By Nick Kampouris -May 26, 2019
Greek Reporter

Greece’s center-right New Democracy (ND) party is the clear winner of the European elections held on Sunday, according the joint exit poll presented by Greece’s major television stations at 19:00 local time.

ND is expected to get between 32 and 36 percent of the popular vote, while governing SYRIZA is trailing at between 25 and 29 percent.

Center-Left Movement for Change is on third place between 7 and 9 percent.

Extreme Right Golden Dawn and the Communist Party (KKE) are forecast at between 5 and 7 percent.

First safe estimates on EU elections for Greece expected around 21:00 local time.

ND Leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis had been calling for a clear victory for his conservative party for months, something that, he claims, would force Premier Tsipras to resign and call a snap General Election.

The final results are expected to be announced later this evening.

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