Friday, December 14, 2018

Greece and Albania, time for crash the national borders


Photo: Greek Defense Minister Pano Kammenos, ath the Greek Albanian Border, 2017

Increasing the tension in Dropull and Himara, Greece has been pulled by the Maritime Border Agreement with Albania, but apparently Albania must resolve as soon as possible the right to self-determination of the northern epiriotes in their territory, or perhaps, the Greek army can take over national responsibilities.

Stavri Marko
Geopolitic Analyst

Albania and Greece failed to establish a Friendship Protocol despite all the EU's efforts since the leftist bureaucratic government of Tsipras could not solve a series of problems of the Greek population in Northern Epirus, especially after the killing of a citizen of the Greek Community in Albania, by Albanian Special Forces.

During a meeting in Albania's National Security Council in 2014, Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed his idea that "Greece can take Northern Epirus and Himara, only with war, and the Albanian government has all the opportunities to develop tourism throughout the coastal area, whose lands belong to Albania "

Tirana is developing a government process against property belonging to Greek Community, such as Himara Region, by exploiting them by local oligarchs and the mafia. According to Greek Associations, this process is considered Ethnic Cleansing, which consists of the expulsion of the Greek population from its historical territory, tolerated by US and European representatives in Tirana. This process started in 2014, when, with the initiative of the Albanian Parliament, the territory of Himara belonging to the Greek ethnic community was unjustly united, territories inhabited by Albanians, demolishing the ethnic houses of the population by the historical administrative control.

But within this framework, it must be said that the Greek Army refuses a treaty of friendship with Albania, meaning that with Albania, despite the contribution of Greece itself, the "Law of War" is in force. The Greek Army's attitude towards Albania has not been made public, but diplomatic sources say that in 1946, between the US Army General Staff and the Greek Army Staff, there was signed a co-operation agreement, supported by the US Senate, in which the Army Greek and US, as the warring allies in the Second World War, should join the territory of Northern Epirus with meme Greece.

From 1946 until 1994, the Greek Army had its educated national vision, the capture of the territory of North Epirus, but it seems that this process is reactivating and does not allow the adoption of a Protocol of Friendship between Albania and Greece, as long as the union of North Epirus with Greece has not been made possible. Former Foreign Minister Kotzias stated that "there are great forces in the Greek army that reject the Albania agreement", while National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, often spoken at front of the greek millitars, that "the goals of the Greek Army, is in every time the Liberation of the Northern Epirus by greek forces". Regarding those conseguenses, the Minister Kotsias, has left his post.

Meanwhile, USA and Greece are developing a series of sustainable alliances in the region, including a Balkans B Plan, which consists of a possible border change in the Balkans, maintaining equilibrium within the NATO Alliance, peace and strategic investments. But both tow goverments, even in left alleance, Albania and Greece (Tsipras and Rama), are facing serios conseguences about the escalation of the revolts of the northern epirotes, particularly in Himara Region, that the some organisations of the greeks representative including Omonia, are acusing the Albanian Goverment of Edi Rama, for Etnic Cleasing and for the Goverment of Tsipraz, for total indiference for what is happening in historic territories of the greek popullation in Northern Epirus and Himara.


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