Monday, November 5, 2018

The Pan-Epirot Federation of America will donate $ 5,000 to the daughter of Constantine Katsifa

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The Board of Directors. of the Paneuropean Federation of America unanimously decided to give a sponsorship of $ 5,000 to the 13-year-old daughter of the young Greek expatriate killed by the Albanian police on October 28th, according to Pan Epirot Confederation President Nicholas Gage.

"The murder of Constantine Katsifa during the celebration of the NO anniversary in North Epirus was tragic and a full and transparent investigation must be carried out to see what happened," he said. Gage added, "but we also have to think about the young daughter he left behind and try to help."

Mr. Gage said he would visit Ioannina towards the end of this month and will hand over the sponsorship to the young Katsifa and her grandmother, who helped raise her after the divorce of her parents just a few years ago. "We will try to raise more money for the small Basilica in the future, and we will urge the Greek State to free it to a public university when it completes secondary education," he said.

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