Monday, February 26, 2018

Albanian politician: The visa regime is restored, "Europe is encircling Albania"


Dashamir Shehi, Member of Parliament accuses the government and urges it to speed up reforms to close negotiations with the European Union

One week ago, MP Shehi had accused the PM Edi Rama of making big favors to Turkey, also giving the Vlora Airport

MP Dashamir Shehi has spoken in parliament today with strong tones, giving strong accusations not only of police involvement in drug trafficking and drug trafficking, but also of returning a part of the country, as a mafia associate.

According to Shehi, they needed interceptions for Albanians to know that our minister is a mafia collaborator. "None of us will see the country controlled by the Mafia, when we cross the border to Europe, to stop us, but it is happening. The visa regime is restored. 24 Frontex officers are installed in southern Albania, showing that Europe is encircling us. The agreement with Frontex has become political, we are in a stringent European look, "said Shehi.

A week ago, MP Shehi has been the protagonist of the Parliament, following the decision of the Albanian Government, for granting a concession to Vlora Airport, a company close to President Turk Erdogan. Shehi stated that "Albania should look at Europe and not Turkey, we are not in the dictatorship or in the Ottoman system, but our aspiration is the United Europe as we are part of it."

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