Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Socialist Party of Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, lobbies with people close to Trump

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Although the opposition accused the government of Rama, for that it has created an economy of drug money, than  they will be used not only for elections, but also to lobby at the potency persons near of the President Trump.

This system, have used by all governments in Albania, to obtain support from the USA. According to US media, tow years ago, Rama had privately paid 80 thousand dollars, to meet with Obama.

“Ballard Partners”, a US firm tied to US President Donald Trump, has registered a second foreign government as their client.

“The Socialist Party of Albania is requesting the services of this Florida company for consultation and assistance with the US administration”, say the documents filed at the US Department of Justice. The 1-year-long agreement foresees payments of 20.000 USD a month.

The Albanian Parliament is preparing to vote the new President, a process which might take five rounds. On the other hand, there is a political crisis with the Albanian opposition refusing to be part of the elections.

In this situation, an American company is being contracted for matters that need to be addressed, such as increasing the US-Albanian relations, reinforcing the democratic institutions and rule of law, promoting the Judiciary Reform, implementing the bilateral efforts about military cooperation and fight against terrorism, and advancing with initiatives which help Albania’s integrity in the Euro-Atlantic Structures.

The founder of this firm, Brian Ballard, lobbied for Trump at the Florida legislature. He has served as Finance Chief for Trump during his campaign, and was an important element for collecting funds about the presidential oath taking ceremony.

Ballard Partners has recently opened an office in Washington. Trump has established strict rules against former officials who lobby for foreign governments. In his first week at the Oval Office, he signed an executive order on this topic, but it doesn’t apply for people who have worked with him during the electoral campaign and for the transition period.

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