Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kosovo MP with the highest salary in the Region!

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Strangely, Kosovo, under the Resolute of 1244 of the UN, and that has itself declared independence, with a weak economy, but that the Western alliance, NATO, EU, OSCE and UN, spend about 500 million euros, to ensure "Peace" and stability, makes this place even more mysterious, to be held at the "foot".

Kosovo Assembly have the highest salary in the region. Up to two thousand euro reaches their monthly salary. The basic salary of MPs Kosovo is over 1,400 euros, but when this are added other benefits, it amounts to about 2000 euros.

After Kosovo MPs second highest paid, according to regional media reports, are those of Montenegro, the basic salary of which is 1200 euro, then are members of Albania 1080 euros and Macedonia and Serbia to 1000 euro.

Kosovo, is in extreme radicalized by Islam, according to the Washington Post, about 37% of the population, is very sensitive to Islam, while there were about 500 fighters of Issis, participants in the war in Syria, dozens of them were killed ..

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