Monday, April 10, 2017

Haradinaj's brother threatens Serbs; Vucic wants dialogue

Aleksandar Vucic on Saturday urged representatives of the EU and Pristina to resume the Brussels dialogue in order to reduce tensions.


According to Beta, the Serbian prime minister and president-elect said that "one warrant for arrest, issued for the most severe crime, could not be a reason to threaten the survival of a people."

He in this was reacted to a statement made by Daut Haradinaj, a member of the Kosovo Assembly, said that if France extradited his brother Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia "not a single Serb would remain in Kosovo."

"Daut Haradinaj is not a naive man. Nor are his threats," Vucic said, according to Beta, noting that "at this point the Serbs in Kosovo could feel safe, while the situation would be monitored closely, and the public informed."

Vucic, who addressed a news conference in Belgrade after receiving a group of children from Kosovo and Metohija, "reiterated that it is important to calm tensions and not to provoke new tensions, not to threaten anyone and expel people from their homes, and it is important to avoid any incident," the Serbian government said in a statement.

"For me it would be easier today to respond to offenses and threats, but it is more important to do something to stabilize the situation, keep peace and talk about everything that are our crucial problems," he is quoted as saying.

"That is inadmissible. The state of Serbia or any other country in the world cannot understand that and those threats deserve the greatest and the harshest condemnation," Vucic said of Daut Haradinaj's statement, made during an interview with TV Dukagjini.

In an apparent reference to this, the US ambassador in Pristina posted the following tweet on Saturday:

Amb. Greg Delawie ✔ @AmbDelawie
On the day we celebrated #Kosovo's constitution, a politician threatens ethnic cleansing. Such dangerous language has no place in Europe

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