Monday, February 13, 2017

Latest News: Albania doubles military presence in Kosovo

Mimi Kodheli, the Defence Minister of Albania, held a meeting with the Minister of the Kosovo Security Force, Haki Demolli. In a press release distributed on this occasion he said that the minister has stated that "the consolidation of the state of Kosovo and inviolability of borders constitution is in fact a priority of our agenda common and was say what we explicitly were discussed between us two delegations ".

Kodheli spoke of a common willingness, in case of creating false nationalist tensions, this on her behalf that she called as great risk for the people, it's Euro-Atlantic integration in the region that we live.

"We highly appreciate the extraordinary work that military personnel of NATO longest mission, KFOR, to be present in Kosovo. Albanian military presence there will actually be doubled, is the news that we have given in the past, and we are finalizing the legal procedures for this additional staff, "said Kodheli.

Demolli on his part underlined Kosovo's commitment to transforming the KSF, which in turn has shed light on some aspects of the visit of Secretary General of NATO.

"The future of KFOR troops will stay and will offer a complete security of Kosovo. It was also stressed that after the reply to Mr Stoltenberg has returned Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Mustafa created the conditions for the identification of cooperation between NATO and KSF in certain programs, however, the main programs where there will be a beginning of cooperation between the KSF and NATO will be looking - rescue, combating cyber crime, the science of peace and security, "he said.

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