Saturday, April 30, 2016

U.S. analysts: Serbians choose EU, reject Russia

The convincing victory of Aleksandar Vucic and his SNS party in the elections last Sunday was expected, American analysts believe.
Source: Tanjug
They estimate that the result "shows a clear commitment of citizens of Serbia to the pro-EU path."
"The most important conclusion after the victory of Prime Minister Vucic is that the Serbian people continued to show determination to go toward the European Union," said Edward Joseph, an analyst with the Institute of Current World Affairs.

He told Voice of America this is all the more important when the alternative is the leader of the SRS Vojislav Seselj, who was recently acquitted by the Hague Tribunal.

According to Joseph, it is important that citizens of Serbia "rejected the path to Russia and clearly supported the continuation of the path towards the EU."

Daniel Serwer from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said that he expected Vucic to win, and convincingly.

He, however, believes it is more important to pay attention to others who have received votes in the election, and taking this into account - "true democracy is not yet present in Serbia."

"I do not see a viable opposition that can be in power. For me, democracy is when you have a real possibility of change of government, and I do not see this possibility in Serbia today," Serwer said.

This analyst thinks that neither Seselj nor will the divided liberal democrats will come to power.

Serwer noted that this was "not Vucic's fault" but rather "a consequence of his success."

"I am not against Vucic, but that is how democracy functions," Tanjug reported him as telling Voice of America.

Serwer also believes that Vucic should now use the election victory to take concrete steps to demonstrate the commitment to the West. The first among them, he suggested, could Serbia "imposing sanctions against Russia" over Ukraine.

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