Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pristina: Seselj to be arrested if he comes to Kosovo

(Getty Images, file)

Albanian language media in Pristina are reporting today that "the Kosovo Interior Ministry decided to arrest Seselj if he comes to Kosovo."

The koha.net website said that the decision was sent to all police chiefs and commanders and that they are "required to implement it strictly."

According to this, "an email sent by the deputy regional commander in the north, Besim Hoti, demands the ministry's decision to be implemented strictly and for patrols and traffic police units to step up controls on highways and other roads."

Previously, the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs "declared Seselj a persona non grata," the Beta agency reported on Tuesday.

The SRS party leader announced earlier that he would travel to northern Kosovo to speak with his party's members and sympathizers, as part of the election campaign.

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