Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Himara Region, 24 hours after the visit of the Foreign Minister of Albania in Athens, without electricity

Xenophobic or diplomatic reasons reflect the relations between Tirana and Athens, Himara without  electricity

Himarioton lobby in USA, met with Leader of Albanian Opposition,  Basha, while Greece wants from Albania to full respect towards the Greek community in Albania.

Albanian media does not inform that, as of 24 hours, the BlackOut energy in a part of the State Territory, considering the mostly tourist region of Albania.

There have spent exactly 24 hours from the visit of the Albanian Foreign Minister Bushati in Athens, where Tirana was the commitment to respect the human rights and freedoms for the Greek community, in particular that in Himara, today, are interrupted electricity in Himara Region.

Albanian media does not notify the public information, while Power Corporation KESH, did not notify the massive outage.

The reasons for the situation in Himara regiion, becoming more and more dangerous when Albanian opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, met in Washington the Himarioton  Lobby of USA.

The Albanian Government has undertaken a series of laws in violation of freedoms and human rights, to implement in Himara Region, a region inhabited historically by ethnic Greeks, changing the map of Territorial Division and receiving under control of the territories that belong to the Community of Himara and Orthodox Church.

On August 2015, the police forces of the Albanian state, collapse an Orthodox Church, which was transformed into an international conflict between Greece and Albania. The church was built during the Byzantine period from the Greek inhabitants of Drymades, in Himara Region.

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