Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium Closes Border With France, Steps Up Security at Nuclear Sites

French riot police (CRS) secure the area as shots are exchanged in Saint-Denis, France, near Paris, November 18, 2015 during an operation to catch fugitives from Friday night's deadly attacks in the French capital

© REUTERS/ Jacky Naegelen
Brussels Terrorist Attacks (37)

France-Belgium border has been closed, local RTBF broadcaster reported Tuesday.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — The border between France and Belgium has been closed and security measures have been increased at Belgian nuclear sites, local RTBF broadcaster reported Tuesday.
"The French-Belgian border has been closed, control has been increased at nuclear sites," an RTBF correspondent said.
The blasts in Brussels come just days after Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind behind the November Paris Attacks, was arrested in Belgium. ​The security alert has been raised to the top — fourth — level throughout the country following the blasts. Shortly after the airport blasts, explosions were also reported at the Maalbeek and Schuman metro stations in the Brussels city center.
Belgian intelligence had advance knowledge of plans to carry out terrorist attacks in the country but was unaware of their time or location, the French BFMTV reported Tuesday, citing police sources.

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