Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Albanian government, put "heavy hand" against Hellenism Culture in Himara


The decision has been taken, in the series of laws, in which the Government of Albania, seeks to purge the influence of Hellenism, in the region with strong, Greek Community, in Northern Epirus, in Himara, which is not recognized by the Albanian government.

Paradoxically, Prime Minister Edi Rama, has been invited to participate in the symposium organized by Himarioton Society in USA.

Tirana. The Albanian government has approved quickly, a decision in which, wants to have under absolute control, the administrative center of Himara, Drymades and Vuno, where there live the majority of the ethnic Greek Community, of the Himara Region.

Unknown details about mapping and conditions contained in such a decision, but establishing another "heavy hand" against a series of actions against the Greek Himarioton popullation and Hellenic culture  in that area, constitutes the essence of a collision between two fronts diametrically opposite: Cleaning ethno cultural of Hellenism, by the Albanian State, against Himara.

In fact, this is not an issue that escalated as propaganda in the so-called investment in the cultural field of the Albanian government, the funds of which, as restoration of churches and monasteries, committed to funding outside the public finances but by the Organization Such as "Soros" , it is very desperate.

Himara, belongs to the population, as crop Hellenistic and Autonomous historical glory, should be kept away from the principles of Christian Europe, but even so, paramount responsibility, has Greece, which, as a European country directly, should intervene, in defense of the Hellenistic culture in Albania, it is shown indifferent.

Already it can not be said of the next provocation, after the collapse of the church Ag. Athanasius, in Drymades, which is part of the project, but restoration of this center, means that the Byzantine Monastery of Ag Panagya, a few meters above this Church ruined by the Albanian police forces, in which touches the project, should cemetery be displaced hundreds of years that people have the relatives.

But paradoxically this government decision, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has received an invitation to participate in a symposium organized by Himarioton Society of USA, with whom he met last September in New York.

The Tense Relation between Tirana and Himara, particularly diaspora, is in the foreground, a change of the Constitution of Albania, in which the Parliament of Albania, approved in July 2014, merger of the region of Himara with cultural ethno-religious by Greek, with another region, with Albanian Müslüman. But all political investment against Himara, is clearly visible, to favor the Albanian mafia oligarchy and, through legislation enacted, abduct lands of Himara, to build tourist resorts, propagating tourist development of Albania.

But although "not appear end of light in the tunnel", now accepted as well as the statements of the political leaders of Albania, that to the population of Himara, is conducting a process of "ethnic cleansing", for which, homes, investments, old culture language, church and history of Hellenic population of Himara, are put in practice, by the nationalist plans of Tirana, for Greater Albania.

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