Thursday, December 10, 2015

Greece encourages his compatriots in Himara, to not commit any transaction properties

The process initiated by the Albanian Government in Drymades, is not transparent, risking the disappearance of the Greek Community in Himara Region.

Source by Foreign Ministry: "Athens will not allow nor will recognize, any registration of property titles, in Ionian coast, which belongs to the our citizens with Greek nationality, especially in Himara Region, in addition to the agreement signed with the OSCE and the EU with Albanian State"

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, stated that in response to some concerns of the Association of Himara Diaspora and The Organization of "Omonia", Associated with a process of registration of titles to property in the Region of Himara specifically in Drymades, the Greek Government is following with great concern, Albanian lawmakers' efforts, and the Albanian government, which have begun to justify, alienation and property belonging to the Greek Community and the Orthodox Church through a process not transparent and not legitimate.

Besides this concern, Greece, encourages Tirana and the political class, to take responsibility and to meet requirements related to freedoms and human rights, which was submitted by the progress report of the EU for Albania, where the chapter was evaluated, minimum grade.

The Albanian government has signed a memorandum agreement, in 2011 the European Union through the OSCE, to strengthen the legal framework based on Constitutional of Albania and Universal Freedoms acts and Human Rights, to record the title of the Ionian Coast.

According to the source, the Greek government will not recognize any related new title of properties, investment transaction based with not transparent in Himara Region, including resorts for oligarchs, which risking the disappearance of the Greek Community in Ionian Coast.

Rather delicate question of a risk of extinction that Greek Community in Himara Region, has worried the Parliament of Greece, who summoned last week, the leaders of Omonia, in a report on the state of the Greek Community and ownership problems.

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