Monday, December 7, 2015

De Telegraaf: Rama closely tied to Mafia and traffickers

The largest Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" has published an article regarding Albanian asylum seekers in this country. In a long article published on the front page of the newspaper, it is confirmed the arrival of hundreds of Albanians in the Netherlands.

The number of Albanian asylum seekers in this country is always growing. But according to the newspaper, in Germany the number is higher, about 100,000 Albanians have sought asylum in the past two years.

The newspaper interviewed and Albanian opposition leader Basha. Basha says that such thing is a symptom of what is happening in Albania.

"Exodus in Germany and the Netherlands is a symptom of what is happening in Albania. Our country is not a country of justice, but a place of injustice," said Basha for "De Telegraaf", ABC reports.

The newspaper article concludes the writing that "the socialist government of Prime Minister Edi Rama has close ties with drug dealers, bosses of prostitution and human traffickers".

According to Basha, this is just one reason why Albanians are leaving their country.

The number of Albanian asylum seekers is growing in the Netherlands. According to official statistics, in October 286 Albanian citizens sought asylum in the Netherlands, from 171 in September. / Published on: December

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