Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"RS police told not to provide security for Vucic"

Bosnian Council of Ministers chair Denis Zvizdic "instructed members of the RS Interior Ministry (MUP) not to protect the Serbian prime minister in Potocari."
Source: Tanjug
The incident in Potocari (Beta/AP)
The incident in Potocari (Beta/AP)
This is what Bosnian Interior Minister Dragan Mektic has said. He specified that the order to the police of the Serb entity in Bosnia, the Serb Republic (RS), came a day before the Srebrenica anniversary commemoration, during which Aleksandar Vucic was attacked.
Mektic "confirmed he has information that one day before the commemoration in Potocari, Zvizdic told the head of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies, Mirsad Vilic, that it would not be good if members of the RS MUP were present inside the memorial center complex, and protecting Premier Aleksandar Vucic."

"I think Vilic told me that," Mektic has been quoted as saying by the Sarajevo-based daily Dnevni Avaz.

The decision was made based on this suggestion, while Zvizdic - although having no jurisdiction over police agencies - with his conversation with Vilic influenced Vucic's security to become "drastically weakened," said the paper on its website, adding that "the same applied to other guests and esteemed invitees."

The public broadcaster of the Muslim-Croat Federation (FBiH) entity, FTV, reported that the RS police said "the Directorate security left the entrance at he beginning of the commemoration, jeopardizing the entire system of protection."

FTV noted late on Tuesday in its main news program that Vucic and the Turkish prime minister were accompanied to the memorial center "by only two RS MUP policemen each."

Wednesday was the fifth day since the brutal attack and an attempt to lynch the Serbian prime minister in Potocari, where he traveled to bow to the Bosniak victims - but there has been no hint as to who may have ordered and carried out the attack.

The Council of Ministers tasked the Security Ministry, headed by Mektic, to urgently submit an analysis of the events in Potocari.

Although one person was said to be arrested on the day of the incident, no official has since confirmed this, nor is the identity of the person reportedly held by the police "which could be seen in one of the recordings" - known.

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