Thursday, July 16, 2015

France encourages Albania to continue reforms

The French Secretary of State for European Affairs Harlem Desir visited Albania on Wednesday and praised the country's role in the region, encouraging it to continue strengthening peace, stability and prosperity in the Western Balkan.
Albanian President Bujar Nishani on Wednesday held a special meeting with Desir. Nishani expressed gratitude for the special friendship, assistance and partnership offered by France, emphasizing that "even during the most difficult periods of Communist dictatorship, France has been a symbol of encouragement for Albanians and has kept their dream of freedom alive."
Desir said he valued Albania's up-to-date progress and stressed the need to show progress in judiciary reform and fight against organized crime.
Desir also met with Albania's Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta and both underlined the close inter-parliamentary cooperation between Albania and France.
Meta said he considered France a very important partner for Albania's development and encouraged an increase in multilateral cooperation.
Moreover, Desir met with Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati and Minister of European Integration Klajda Gjosha.
Praising Albania's efforts to strengthen the rule of law, Desir underlined the importance of judicial reform and the fight against corruption and organized crime, which would have a positive impact on Albania's further advancement towards integration. (Cihan/Xinhua)

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