Monday, December 22, 2014

U.S. ambassador denies interfering in Kosovo politics

PRIŠTINA -- U.S. Ambassador in Pristina Tracey Ann Jacobson says she "she did not interfere in the coalition agreement reached between the DPK and DLK."
Jacobson told the Albanian language daily Zeri that she was "merely an observer" during the post election deadlock in Pristina, denying also that she was against the Self-Determination Movement joining the Kosovo government.
"I never said that Self-Determination should not be part of the government. People occasionally attribute such things to me, but this is absolutely not true," the U.S. diplomat said.

She urged the public sector, seen as "the most corrupt," to "delegate credible people," the newspaper quoted her as saying.

Jacobson noted that there are still the mayors "accused of corruption who are remain in office."

The article said that commenting "on those convicted by the Special Court," she said they should "pay according to justice, although they are part of the institutions."

Speaking about religious extremism in Kosovo, Jacobson was quoted as saying the issue was "at the center of their attention during 2014, and will have priority in the new year as well."

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