Friday, December 26, 2014

"Serb held in Pristina in connection to explosives"

PRIŠTINA -- The Kosovo police after midnight on Friday removed suspected explosives from a Belgrade-license plates Renault Clio car in Pristina.
They also arrested the driver.
"The substance that is suspected to be explosives was taken and sent for expert analysis, while the arrested person is being questioned," police spokesman Bakir Kelani said.

The car was stopped at around 22:00 CET yesterday near the U.S. embassy in the Dragodan settlement, where most diplomatic missions are located, because it was suspected to carry explosives.

Tanjug quoted Kelani as saying that "a Serb resident" was arrested, and that the car was stopped because the police "had previous information" and thus "managed to stop the vehicle and arrest the driver."

"Clear intent"

Kosovo Interior Minister Skender Hyseni said on Friday that the suspect arrested in Pristina had "clear intent to carry out a terrorist act."

He told a news conference that the car was driven by "a citizen of Serbia born in 1968, with initials S.G.," and that "some 13 kilograms of materials for manufacturing of explosives" was found in is car.

However, Hyseni said that he "could not speak about the details of the investigation," but that the suspect's "biography" would be "revealed completely."

The Beta agency has named the suspect as Slobodan Gavric, and said he was "a veterinarian from Raska."

Meanwhile, the Albanian language media in Pristina said that the material found in the car, referred to as explosives, was to be used in "a terrorist attack on the Catholic cathedral in Pristina."

They also reported that "beside the explosives, details maps of Pristina were found in the vehicle."

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